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Stealth Startup

Founder & CEO

Oct 2023 - Present



Apr 2023 - Present


Nov 2019 - Apr 2023
After almost 10 years of entrepreneurship I stepped down from the CEO role to take a break from full-time employment and organise my life in a sustainable way.

Co-founder & CEO

Nov 2014 - Nov 2019
Finding technical talent is expensive, time-consuming and immensely difficult. We have created hackajob to solve this pain point by bridging the gap between startups, SMEs or corporates and technical talent through strengths-based matching.

Self-Study, Full-time

Biochemistry & Bioinformatics

Apr 2020 - Sep 2022
I built a longevity-focused app, talked to patients, worked with biomarker data and then pivoted to full-time self-study in biochemistry and bioinformatics, with a focus on ageing, to get ready for the stem cell and gene therapies master's degree.

Centre for Entrepreneurs NEF

Member - Class of 2016

Sep 2015 - Aug 2016
The NEF was established to create a new generation of outstanding entrepreneurs who will build market-leading businesses and play a key role in driving Britain’s future prosperity. The NEF's vision is to transform UK business by developing the entrepreneurial leaders of the future.


Member - Fall 2015 Class

Jul 2015 - Oct 2015
Techstars is a mentorship-driven startup accelerator and a global ecosystem that helps entrepreneurs build great businesses. Techstars makes entrepreneurship accessible by opening doors to capital, mentorship, marketing, business development, customer acquisition and talent recruitment.

3D Ventures

Co-founder & CEO

May 2014 - Oct 2014
We brought to market the first consumer-focused food 3D printer called Candy, received several orders from all over the world, but my co-founder and I decided to stop working on the business as we believed the market was not mature enough for a consumer-first food 3D printer in 2014.


Co-founder & CEO

Jan 2013 - May 2014
BackersClub is a global business network for investors (private and institutional) and entrepreneurs.

I held the position of CEO and co-founder of BackersClub and was in charge of getting both private and institutional investors to use the platform. I managed to sign 40+ clients ranging from business angels to leading European venture capital funds in 6 months. Some of my main responsibilities were:

- Shape the vision and long-term strategy of the company
- Build the B2B sales pipeline
- Pitch the product at different events or over the phone
- Find partners for our startup pitching events

Credit Suisse

Summer Intern, Office of IT Strategy

Jun 2012 - Jul 2012
I discovered the influence and effects of the financial sector on economic growth and the magnitude it has over global markets. I was part of a team who managed a project from initiation to deployment.

Several Startups

Founder & CEO

Jul 2007 - May 2012
Symptoms and Remedies
This was an online platform where people could share natural remedies for different diseases. I stopped running the company when Google blocked my Adsense account and at that time I also had several exams to take in my first year of high school, but it was a great learning experience on how to build and run an internet company.

Offers in your City
This was an MVP of a Deliveroo-like platform which was launched in my hometown. The business was shut down when I relocated to London to start university.

Digital Agency
This project gave me exposure to international clients and I also had the chance to lead a team of 7 people when I was 16.


Freelance Business Strategist, Product Manager, Marketer & Software Engineer

Jan 2002 - Jun 2007


University College London

Postgraduate Degree, Manufacture and Commercialisation of Stem Cell and Gene Therapies

King's College London

Postgraduate Degree, International Marketing

City University London

Bachelor's Degree, Computer Science

University College London

Academy, Machine Learning